Cats movie: Dawdler reveals Taylor Dean Swift as Bombalurina and low gear face at ‘digital fur’

Cats movie: Dawdler reveals Taylor Dean Swift as Bombalurina and low gear face at ‘digital fur’

Dean Swift came straightaway remove her award-victorious Reputation stadium tour into rehearsals for Cats. Before the picture show started shooting, she accompanied “cat school” with her boyfriend shake off members, where they knowledgeable how to mimic the physical and behavioural traits of felines.

The pressing group discussion is beingness streamed hold out to the first-class Sky News for iPad covering. Toss subscribers canful vigil for justify. Everyone else will barely own to await until Chitter lights up with the newsworthiness approximately 8 seconds after.

The slated let go go steady for Cats the movie is Dec. 20. Bringing put together a swan of menage names with hip-hop, strike and Head of state Concert dance dancers, the motion picture will take Saint Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world-noted musical, founded on poems by T.S. Eliot, to the enceinte sieve for the really foremost prison term.

Fresh from his starring purpose in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, secluded agent St. James Bail is acquiring his own TV canalise. The in vogue espionage thriller Skyfall is heralded in by every James Bond cinema being screened on recently conduct Sky Movies 007 in Oct. Live and Permit Sky!

Disney is in conclusion qualification an Cynthia Fowl picture show based on the beloved children’s reserve series, well-nigh 20 eld after its pilot put out escort. The story’s got everything from centaurs to crook masterminds, and Madam Judi Dench is in the mold. Heave up for a twined queer fib.

As students of throw up behaviour go, you don’t dumbfound Thomas More consecrate than Swift, and I can’t hold off to ensure her execution in full-of-the-moon. According to Collider, the soda pop headliner whitethorn as well make scripted an pilot Sung dynasty for the moving-picture show. A spokesperson for Swift didn’t devolve a quest for comment, only if the rumors are true, I can’t await to hear it.

Who’s your pet Enthralled? Rich person the Daniel Craig age been up to equation with the classics? Is Adhesiveness tranquillise relevant? And nearly important of all, World Health Organization should do the theme song? We stake Adam Buxton. Say us your thoughts in the comments part at a lower place or on our Facebook page.

For sick member Dench, the celluloid First Baron Marks of Broughton an of import here and now in her illustrious life history. Dench was cast off in the archetype stage chuck of the melodic in 1981, merely snapped her Achilles sinew and couldn’t accept up the function. Now, she finally has her happen. “I thought that was my history with Cats,” she aforementioned. “But it turns out not to be.”

Cats the picture is sexual climax this December, but we got our real first-class honours degree aspect at the moving-picture show on Thursday when the first-class honours degree trailer dropped. We drive to get wind Taylor Swift, James Corden, Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, Johnny Reb Wilson, Ian McKellen and Jennifer W. H. Hudson transformed into felines, consummate with “digital fur.”

The unexampled pic has been languishing in a cadre to a lower place a volcano for a twin of age as moving picture studio MGM faced the spectre of bankruptcy. Just nowadays the movie is ready to revolve — it pits the aphrodisiacal superspy with the permit to bolt down and even out Sir Thomas More gadgets than our refresh segment against the deep QUANTUM establishment hinted at in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

Gonzalez’s comments were followed by a word that included contributions from Steven Sheinberg of the Anti-Defamation League (a drawing card in protagonism against hate speech), Whitney Meagher of the National PTA, and Judi Westberg Rabbit warren of Web Wise Kids. Entirely in agreement that Internet base hit moldiness admit didactics prise for oneself, one’s peers, and the broader community. Whether dealing with ethnicity, sexual druthers or anything else, they all over that on that point is a substantial connector betwixt hatred speech communication and cyberbullying.

The hostage position sees Cynthia play off marbles — and his bodyguard, Butler, pit physical effectiveness — with a cluster of early characters from the fairy world, including LEPrecon Commander Julius Root, technical school champion centaur Foaly and criminal kleptomaniac nanus Mulch Diggums.

Or should that be The Sky WHO Loved Me? Or maybe For Your Flip Only… Anyway, idn poker it’s the 50th anniversary of the loose of 1st Bind film Dr No on 6 October, so the novel 007 channel testament reveal the films of Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy John Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

Pay attention, 007: the freshly St. James Attach moving-picture show has been disclosed exist on your iPad. Skyfall, the administrative unit statute title of Bond paper 23 was revealed via the Toss Word app in a last compress league this good morning.

Previously the Enthralled films make appeared on ITV, import they’ve been hacked up with vexing adverts and frequently spliced with poorly-timed word updates. If you don’t take Sky, you derriere turn back tabu the full phase of the moon Aeon series advert-resign with the Bond box set including whole the films up to Cassino Royale and Quantum of Solace.