What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure that can help you look beautiful or to reverse your body.

By this, disease, burn scars or birth marks from birth can also be cured in body tissues. Generally, people of any age can undergo this treatment, provided the consent of the doctor is necessary.

Often youngsters undergo treatment to look attractive. However, it is wrong to do so.
This can affect health and skin tissue, so consulting a doctor may be very important.

There are two types of plastic surgery. First Reconstructive and Second Prosthetic. If the treatment is done to remove any injury marks such as burns, scarring, then such treatment is called Reconstructive surgery.

At the same time, such treatment such as breast enhancement or reduction, birth mark removal, which results in esthetic improvement will be called cosmetic surgery.

When is plastic surgery needed?

People choose cosmetic surgery and recurrence surgery when they are not happy with any part of their body.

If for some reason you are not a confidant or feel uncomfortable, you can correct it by improving with surgery. Such treatment is called esthetic treatment. Some common esthetic surgeries are:

  • Breast augmentation and breast reduction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation

Plastic surgery associated with each organ is called a different name.

For example, plastic surgery which is done to give a correct shape to the pinna occurring in the ear, is called pinoplasty. Eye treatment, in which bags are removed from under the eye. Also, surgery in which fallen eyelids can also be treated is called blepharoplasty.

If you feel that the skin around your neck is very loose and you need a lift, then you can have a nose lift plastic surgery.

If you have a nose surgery, we call it Rhinoplasty. Surgery to remove fat or a lot of skin between the elbow and the underarm is called brachioplasty.

Surgery to reduce fat in the abdomen is called Abdiminoplasty.

What is important to know before surgery?

Have your health ready for a plastic surgery. As in all surgeries, there are some risks in this treatment as well.

So before getting the treatment done, keep in mind that your health is good. Chances of risk in this surgery are very low. But, due to bad health in some people, its chances may also be high.

Follow all the advice of your plastic surgeon and answer every question related to your treatment without hesitation. Hiding anything can cause you trouble.

Do research about the procedure that you are doing. The results of every plastic surgery can be different in every person. So keep in mind what you want to achieve with this treatment. Before getting the operation, you must meet those people who have already done the operation, 광주 성형외과 as well as choosing the right surgeon.

Often, after treatment, you may have different types of difficulties.
So what is the danger and what are the ways to overcome them. Only after knowing them, they get the surgery done.

Do not keep expectations because the results often do not match, which can cause problems. There is also the possibility that you are not satisfied even if the results are good.

What can be the problems and side effects of this surgery?

Financial Burden:

To get plastic surgery, your budget must be right. The more Minute and the bigger the doctor, you will get plastic surgery. You may have to spend that much money.

Surgical Risk:

Scarring, blood clots, necrosis, nerve damage and pigmentation are some of the risks associated with this treatment. The healing time increases after surgery for people who smoke. Hobbies, heart attack respiratory failure are some of the major dangers associated with this operation. Many times if the surgeon is not careful, the tools remain in the surgery site, which may require another treatment to remove.

It may also cause infection.

Emotional Damage:

Many times, after surgery, you want to be back again. Because they do not get pleasure or satisfaction from their new look.

Pain and Inflammation:

You will have a lot of pain after the treatment and there may be inflammation at the surgery site.
Vomiting, head pain or nausal feeling can also come with it.


Organ failure may also result in frequent bleeding due to excessive bleeding on the operating table.

Allergic reaction:

Allergic reactions can occur after treatment due to medications or by increased sensitivity.

What to prepare before plastic surgery?

  • Get your physical examination done before surgery
  • Quit drinking and smoking
  • Take your medicines by asking a doctor
  • Keep Fruits, Vegetables and Protein Based Foods in Your Kitchen
  • Eat fruits and vegetables containing vitamins A and C
  • Prepare ice packs for inflammation and inflammation after surgery
  • Stop taking anticoagulants or take any medicine only by asking a doctor

One night before surgery:

  • Stop eating and drinking
  • Stay relaxed
  • have a good sleep

What is done during plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery can be of many types.

Of these, two common types of surgery are cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is nose, neck or face lift surgery, and reconstructive surgery is usually performed in patients who receive some type of injury. It can be a burn, accident or some other injury.

Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Reconstruction

  • With the help of intravenous sedation or anesthesia, the doctor relaxes you during your operation, which reduces the pain. Choice of anesthesia depends on your health and sensitivity.
  • With the help of the flap technique, breast mounds are made from the tissue of the patient.

    It provides the framework for reconstruction.

  • With the help of tissue expansion, the breast implant is covered with good or healthy skin.
  • The breast implant is implanted by surgical placement. This is an alternative to the flap technique. These implants are made of saline and silicon.
  • What will be best for you from the flap or implant, these doctors will dissect according to your health.
  • Direct implant technique is effective in women who have undergone mastectomy.

Reconstruction of the nipple and areola

The skin is folded and shaped into a nipple.

After this, with the help of tattooing, projection and real nipple bulge are made. Results of breast reconstruction can be made more effective by liposuction and fat grafting.

Apart from this, surgery of nose, throat, face also comes within cosmetic surgery.
See a doctor to know about them or understand the process.

  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
  • Burn surgery

Skin Grafts:

It is removed from one area of the patient and planted in another area.

Split Thickness Graft in which permanent scarring occurs.

In special skin treatment, skin from dermatome to Buttok and inner skin is applied and stitched from donor site to the recipe site. After this, the donor and the recipe cover the site, so that infection does not occur. Full thickness skin grafts may have longer recovery times.


In this surgery, surgery is performed with the help of a microscope. Damaged nerves and arteries are treated with this technique. Surgeons look at the microscope and repair the nerves and vessels. We can also use this technique in facial paralysis and breast reconstruction.

Free Flap Surgery:

During the procedure, muscle, skin and bone are transferred from one area of the body to another with blood.

This process also involves microsurgery. Therefore, healing takes more time.

Tissue Expansion:

In this process, the balloon expander is used, the area that needs repair. In that area, the balloon is attached to the saline and attached.
Gradually its surrounding skin grows, which causes healing. This process is like stretching the skin in pregnancy.

What happens after plastic surgery?

After plastic surgery, you are kept in the hospital for a few days for maintenance and regular check ups and medicines are given. The doctor will relieve you only after you recover.


How long it will take to recover after surgery will depend on your surgery type and 광주 성형외과 health before your surgery. Keep these things in mind for quick recovery:

  • Change the medicine only by asking a doctor. Eat your pain and inflammation medicines only by asking your doctor.
  • Use baking ice
  • Drain tubes will be inserted in breast surgery, so that the fluid can be collected.
    Understand from the doctor, tamper this tube. Do not take any step without advice.
  • Take rest