Online Gambling – Statistics and Growth

Online gambling, as the name says, is gambling on the Internet.
Many users have expressed their interest towards Internet gambling and the statistics show a persistent growth in the last few years in this industry. Betting websites have seen a tremendous growth as about 51% of the world's population participates in some sort of gambling every year.

Many websites have emerged and are giving their competitors a run for their money by constantly updating their website and offering attractive incentives to their customers.

Statistics show that the Internet gambling industry has grown by 23% since 2003 and more and more people are coming to play games such as poker, casino and wagering.
Younger men mainly use online betting but statistics nowadays show that it is becoming popular amongst women and other old age groups as well.

All these players have their own motive when betting online. Some of them play for entertainment and relaxation whereas some of them show their competitive spirit and try to win money.

During the growing stages of Internet gambling, a traditional player was portrayed to be a man between the age of 25 and 35. However, 우리카지노 statistics nowadays show that 43% of the gamblers are women. Certain companies have conducted surveys in order to determine the behavior of male and female gamblers.
These surveys have shown that women are inclining towards other games nowadays as compared to the women in the olden days that were restricted to Bingo. Generally, women tend to play longer at really low stakes whereas men play shorter sessions at high stakes.

Men are generally excited about betting whereas women just play for 우리카지노 relaxation and use it as a stress reliever.

A chart of gross gaming yield globally from 2003-2012 shows that people prefer betting online as opposed to offline gambling.
The Internet gambling industry has shown a growth of nearly $100 billion during this period. Even though poker, casino and wagering are the most popular games in the Internet gambling industry, statistics show that Bingo will surpass all these games to become the leader of Internet gambling as more and more women are getting involved in it and prefer playing Bingo to any other game.

However, as of today, betting on the Internet is still dominated by men. Young men generally gamble more than older men. However, women are showing significant interest in gambling as well. The only difference is that men are excited and play betting games and skill-demanding games which involves patience and money whereas women prefer playing slot machines or lotteries as they gamble for relaxation.

Internet gambling has proven to be a global phenomenon and is expanding rapidly throughout the world.

Europe is currently the quickest expanding market as business operators in Europe have noticed a 44.9% increase in the total industry. Following Europe is North America behind which are Asia and the Middle East. The legislation in United States prohibits online gambling due to which growth is minimal, as secret agencies have started tracking users who bet online.

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